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Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance

Are you a Nurse Practitioner with malpractice insurance provided by your employer?  If so, what happens if a premium payment is skipped or late, and then you get sued?  If you leave the practice, who will pay for your tail coverage?  What happens if you want to work part-time elsewhere? 

While employer provided malpractice insurance is definitely a nice benefit, it makes sense to also purchase your own individual policy.  Individual Nurse Practitioner malpractice insurance policies are designed to put your interests first.  You control the policy.  Most importantly, you can be certain your policy is always in force, and you will know coverage is place no matter where you work.

We offer very affordable nurse practitioner malpractice insurance through some of the best insurance companies in the country.  To apply for coverage:

  1. Just click on this link:
  2. Navigate to Nurse Practitioners
  3. If you are comfortable with the quote, you can pay online with a credit card and the entire policy will be issued immediately. 

Note, if there are no prior acts to cover, we recommend purchasing an “occurrence form” policy.  With occurrence form insurance, there is never a need for tail coverage.

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