Founded in 1993, Sopyla & Associates, LLC is an independent medical malpractice broker with clients throughout the country.  Conveniently based in Kansas City, we’ve grown to become one of the largest, most respected medical malpractice insurance agencies in the region.  

Expanded Possibilities

We are not employees of any insurance company. By contracting directly with the oldest, most respected, and highest-rated medical malpractice insurance companies in the industry, we have access to a variety of options for improving your coverage. Every insurance company we represent is rated “A” (excellent) or higher by A.M. Best.

Improve your Coverage

If there is a better option for you, we will find it — whether you are a solo practicing dermatologist, a nurse practitioner, a five-physician orthopedic group, or a 400-physician healthcare system. To evaluate your existing coverage and compare now, contact us.​

The Malpractice Insurance Market Is Changing

We have been in the longest “soft” market in the history of the malpractice insurance industry. Rates have been relatively low, and numerous carriers have been willing to issue policies. That is changing, fast. Claim frequency and severity are increasing and loss costs are at an all-time high. Some insurance companies have gone bankrupt or exited the market entirely. Many carriers now have combined ratios that are over 100, and underwriting is tightening up. We have the experience and expertise to help you navigate this changing malpractice insurance environment.

Steve Sopyla, owner of Sopyla & Associates, LLC
Steve Sopyla


Steve Sopyla, CPCU is a down-to-earth, strategic thinker with an uncanny ability to analyze complex insurance programs and implement straightforward solutions. He believes in the old school approach to running a business – always do what’s in the best interest of your client and scrutinize every detail. Steve & his wife Jeannie have three daughters and live in Kansas City. In his free time, Steve enjoys music, mountain biking and travel.

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