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As important as finding the right answers to your insurance questions is knowing what questions to ask.  For example:

  • Your decision to activate or inactive a state medical license can have a drastic impact on your medical malpractice insurance and cost you a lot of money.
  • Moving to another state can end up costing you in malpractice insurance.
  • The quality of your tail coverage is, quite possibly, the most important detail of your malpractice insurance.
  • If the insurance company that provided your tail coverage goes bankrupt, you are left without coverage.
  • If your malpractice insurance carrier goes bankrupt, are you covered by your State Guarantee Fund?
  • Litigation stemming from who is responsible for paying for tail coverage is not uncommon when a physician leaves a group practice.
  • The claim trigger in your malpractice insurance policy is one of the most important features of your malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Standard malpractice insurance policies exclude coverage for the administrative acts of a medical director.

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THE Don'ts

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