Kansas Healthcare Stabilization Fund

Kansas Healthcare Stabilization Fund

In the state of Kansas any defined healthcare provider (defined at K.S.A. 40-3401(f) ) with an active Kansas license must comply with the Kansas Healthcare Stabilization Fund.  Therefore, there are actually two entities protecting the provider — the insurance company and the state PCF.  In addition, there are different compliance guidelines for Kansas resident providers vs. non-residents providers.  Why risk unnecessary costs, a potential gap in coverage, a penalty/fine, or a suspension of your Kansas license because your Kansas Fund compliance isn’t being handled correctly?  We can guide you through the complex laws and regulations concerning the Kansas Healthcare Stabilization Fund.  After all, we are located in Kansas City and deal with the Kansas Fund every day.

Tail Coverage

Did you know that if you activate your Kansas license you may first need to purchase tail coverage for your prior acts?  Did you know that if you activate/inactivate certain state medical licenses you must amend your malpractice insurance and purchase tail coverage?  Obviously, these are expenses that you want to avoid.  Don’t risk a potential gap in coverage or incur an unnecessary tail coverage expense by utilizing the services of an out-of-town broker with minimal Kansas Fund knowledge.  Steve Sopyla has 30 years of experience with Kansas malpractice insurance and understands all details of the Kansas Fund.

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