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"I have two different medical practices and have been contracting with  Sopyla and Associates for my malpractice coverage as well as business insurance. We have been doing business with them since 2005 and the experience has been great. They are honest, dependable, very knowledgeable and also very customer-oriented.  They always make sure that we are getting the best policies and take a vested interest in the protection of both my practices.  Thanks Sopyla and Associates! Keep up the great work!"
Johanna Fangmeyer, NP Owner, Cosmetic Skin Institute, LLC,
Johanna Fangmeyer, NP
Owner, Cosmetic Skin Institute, LLC, Hagerstown Dermatology & Skin Care Olney, Maryland
"I have had the pleasure of working with Sopyla & Associates for nearly 20 years as an underwriter with a number of major carriers.  This agency is one of a kind; friendly, service & detail oriented and extremely ethical.  As an underwriter it is always a pleasure to receive a call from Sopyla & Associates.  They are very knowledgeable and provide an excellent overview of their clients’ needs."
Inky Kolecky
Physician Group Practice Senior Production Specialist, IronHealth (Unit of Ironshore Insurance), Cleveland, Ohio
"Our group has worked with Sopyla and Associates for over 20 years. We have always been able to count on them to take care of our malpractice insurance needs. Every question we have they answer quickly and confidently. They are a great group to work with."
Glenn Goldstien - Director of Dermatology & Skin Cancer Centers
Glenn Goldstein, M.D.
Director - Dermatology & Skin Cancer Centers Director - Skin & Mohs Surgery Centers -Multiple locations in the Midwest
"I’ve worked with Sopyla & Associates for multiple insurance needs for several companies I’ve been involved with.  Steve brings back the old personal customer service that is rarely seen today. Even when he’s not actively seeking your business he has the ‘how can I help?’ mentality.  Sopyla and Associates is always my first stop when shopping for insurance needs in this sector."
David Wong, MD
Founder/CEO, Houston, TX
"Our organization has worked with Sopyla & Associates for many, many years because they are excellent at what they do. I have found them to be very customer service oriented and helpful with sometimes very complicated insurance matters. In particular, Steve has an extensive knowledge of the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund.  They make the effort to learn about and understand our business and routinely will come up with suggestions and recommendations that will save us time and money. They are an extension of our administrative team that I have come to rely on without reservations."
Mark K. Meisel, Chief Executive Officer, Anesthesia Associates
Mark K. Meisel, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City, PC
" We have been doing business with Sopyla & Associates, LLC since 2008 and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. Insurance is a complex, competitive industry. They do an excellent job of understanding what’s going on in the insurance marketplace and keeping on top of the current trends. I am impressed by their high level of customer service. When I receive a submission from Sopyla & Associates, I know that it’s been done right. They are true professionals – I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. "
Melissa Heaton - Account Manager, Professional Liability Providers Insurance
Melissa Heaton
Account Manager, Professional Liability Providers Insurance Consultants, Inc. (HSG Family of Companies) Chesterfield, MO

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